This is our time!

The people of the world are waking!
More than any other moment in the history of humanity,
We have the tools, we have each other.
Let's come together and build the world we know is possible.

The WPE Blog

WPE's first incarnation (2004) was an online magazine showcasing people making positive change around the world. Originally aiming to rebuke the doomsayers and prove that good works were afoot; as we interviewed project leaders, they turned to us and asked for help. Our work quickly grew into networking hundreds of non-profits in 85 countries, helping them to form coalitions, share resources and expand their reach. Personal challenges at home resulted in the site going dormant after Peace Day 2008. A small incarnation is still flickering on our blog.

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Festival Fire

What began in the sixties in resistance to war, has matured into a shared vision of a new culture in celebration of life! These festivals are in fact model villages, a peek into the emerging society that cherishes art, music, theater - children, family, community. A creativity that loves to express reverence for life itself, through inspirations from around the world. Sustainability holds an esteemed place in honor of the natural world that nourishes us. These fests are a land of fun and frolick, with a serious undertone that speaks to possibility and vision for our world.
Peace Day Magazine

WPE worked closely with the United Nations' International Day of Peace from 2006-2008, creating a digital "program" showcasing the 3500 participating organizations, helping them to grasp the magnitude of their alliance and giving them access to one another; while making their efforts more visible to the general public. Peace Day Magazine 2008 received 60,000 views. Click Here To Browse It!

Humanity Unites Brilliance

HUB captured our hearts and our community, inciting a passion for uplifting kids from crisis. We jumped on board at its conception in 2007, and gave our all, helping to change the lives of kids in refugee camps in 7 countries. The economic times were too much for HUB however, and despite an amazing team of devoted people giving their all, HUB merged with WorldVentures in Dec. 2009, and continues to work under that umbrella.

The Rise of Biodiesel

One afternoon, Nate Haney & I got into a lengthy banter over the topic of biodiesel. We dove headlong into a research frenzy that bore enough content to inspire a book. Over the next year we conducted interviews around the world, probing into every arena that biodiesel touches - diesel equipment, farms and farmers, heating oil, global industrial agriculture, National Boards from the US to China, Willie Nelson's renegade rally, UBerkeley's think tank, algae grown on sewage, home brew cooperatives and lots more, including "make it yourself" kits. Our book was the most comprehensive coverage of biodiesel on the market. Hooking up with our long time pal, Ranger Kidwell Ross, we self published and were awarded the prestigious 2007 Apex Award for Excellence.

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