The Rise of Biodiesel

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Biodiesel has gotten a bad rap. While we're all wringing our hands for an alternative to petroleum. Our negative media frenzy has scorned biodiesel. The loud complaints: that it will use up needed food crops and mow down the rainforest, accelerating - not helping - global warming.

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 JUST $19.95

Let's set things straight!

In America, we use gasoline in our cars primarily, but diesel engines drive all of our service vehicles from school buses to garbage trucks, construction equipment, marine, planes, trains and hundreds of thousands of semi's shipping food and goods each day. Thats alot of pertroleum, and alot of pollution!

Biodiesel is petroleum FREE, and will double the life of an engine and reduce carbon emmissions by 78%!

And biodiesel can be produced in abundance, close to home, without harming our food crops or precious rainforest!

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Travel around the world with us in this investigative report and learn:

How cities can fuel their diesel vehicles by producing biodiesel
from.......could it be ? .....sewage ! ? ? ?

Discover China's secret source of biodiesel! It's right under our noses!


Learn how cleaning up nuclear waste can produce biodiesel ! ? !



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These 8 chapters will make you an expert!

CHAPTER 1 : Learn these facts to impress your friends!

CHAPTER 2 : Who's getting - did you say - 1 million miles from their engine? Who's using biodiesel? The scope will amaze you.

CHAPTER 3: While we live with a bag over our head in America, other countries are racing ahead to petroleum freedom. Who are the leaders? How are they doing it?

CHAPTER 4: So Americans have a bag over our head. What are we doing thats exciting?

CHAPTER 5: Yes, biodiesel can be made from crops grown specifically for it. Find out how we can rehabilitate our crippled agricultural lands and produce even MORE food while we grow fuel.

CHAPTER 6: Why you want to go out this very minute and buy a diesel car.....and the simple steps to switching it over. Anyone can do it.

CHAPTER 7: Whats this crazy talk about making fuel in my garage? Is it possible? Is it risky? Get all your questions answered.

CHAPTER 8: What about those controversies? The Rise of Biodiesel digs into each one and listens to both sides.....



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